Busy Week Result Hub Update 4/14 at 3:00 p.m.

We know people are busy and just plain tired after hosting a meet so this is not a complaint just a place to see results. In fact several results arrived while I was setting up this article. I will update every time I receive a result as long as I am not at a meet. The article will stay on top no matter what other articles I post during the day.

Monday April 9th

Maverick Invitational     Results

MHSAA Division 1-2A, 2-3A, 1-5A and 1-6A     Results

MHSAA Division 1-3A      Results

MHSAA Dvision 5-5A and 7-2A     Results

Tuesday April 10th

Desoto County Middle School Championships     Results

MHSAA Division 2-6A     Results 

MHSAA Division 3-1A and 3-2A     Results

MHSAA Division 4-2A, 5-3A, 5-4A and 5-6A     Results     Videos     Photos

MHSAA Division 6-1A Results

MHSAA Division 8-3A     No Results

MHSAA Division 7-3A     Two Day Meet

MHSAA Division 1-4A, 2-5A and 4-3A    Results

Wednesday 11 April

MAIS A and AAA Junior High Championship     Results

MHSAA Division 1-1A     Results

MHSAA Division 2-4A     Results

MHSAA 4-1A     Results

MHSAA 7-4A     Results

MRA Invitational     Results


MHSAA Division 2-1A   Results

MHSAA 2-2A and 5-1A     Results

MHSAA 3-3A and 3-4A     Results

MHSAA 3-5A     Results

MHSAA 3-6A and 5-2A     Results

MHSAA 4-5A     Results

MHSAA 6-2A and 6-3A    Results

MHSAA 7-1A, 6-4A and 6-6A     Results     Photos

MHSAA 4-4A    Results

MHSAA 4-6A     Results

MHSAA 8-1A and 7-5A     Results

MHSAA 8-2A and 8-4A     Results

MHSAA 8-5A and 8-6A     Results