Rising Star Isabella Lee, Madison Middle School

Stanley Jenkins Mississippi caught up with Isabella Lee, Madison Middle School at the Little Six 8th Grade Championship. She was the Long Jump champion at that meet.

Why are doing track?  

It was just something I wanted to try.  I had never participated before.

How did you get involved with long jump? 

My coach needed someone to do it and told me to try it.  I didn't mind and was okay at it.

 How long have you been jumping. 

Only two weeks.  I haven't been trained much.  I'm just using natural ability.

 How did this ability come about? 

Probably my mother and my uncle is Calvin Smith.  The former number one sprinter in the world.

 You were the shortest competitor out there, how tall are you. 

4ft 9in.

 How were you able to win the championship with two weeks of preparation? 

I give everything my all.  No matter what it is, I try my hardest.

 What other events are you involved in? 

I run the sprint relays.

 What future plans do you have? 

I will practice more and learn the proper techniques involved in long jumping and sprinting.  Since I'm only 7th grade, I think I can get better in the future.

 You were ranked in the middle of the pack for the championship, what did you jump to win the long jump? 

I jumped 15ft, 2 in.  I don't know where it came from, but I'm glad it came out.

Personal Records

  • 2 Mile (xc) - 17:39.02
  • Long Jump - 15-2