Bianca Knight Mississippi Olympic Champion Interview

Interview with Bianca Knight a graduate of Ridgeland High and Mississippi Olympian.

What are you doing now?  I'm living in California, raising my 2 year old.

 What plans do you have for the future?  I'm working on getting information out to parents, kids and coaches about track.

 What will be your platform?  About getting started early.  You can't wait until after football season to get started.  Too often kids don't get started until February and participate in a meet on March 1st.  That's too late.  They need to at least do indoor to get some training done. The best teams in Mississippi are the ones who are working all year because they have a class for it and participate in indoor meets as early as possible.

 What else you have going on?  In addition to that, I hope to give clinics for coaches.  Teach things that I have learned from some of the best coaches in the world and bring it to the local areas.


Do you have any plans to run again?  No.  I am done.  I probably couldn't get myself in that kind of shape again.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge.

Personal Records
  • 60m (in) - 7.16
  • 100m - 11.07
  • 200m (in) - 22.40
  • 200m - 22.25
  • 300m (in) - 36.41
  • 400m (in) - 54.69
  • 400m - 53.35
  • 4K (xc) - 17:30.28
  • Long Jump (in) - 14-1