Kristopher Moore, Clinton: Interviews

Name: Kristopher Moore, Clinton High School

Personal bests: 400: 47.3 200:21.36

Academic interests: Science

Hobbies: Playing games and going out with friend

Favorite quote: "Live Like Larry" SpongeBob

How did you get involved in the sport? Played football and a lot of coaches noticed my speed so I started to run track and give it a try. My Grandmother also ran in high school

What is your favorite race and why? 200 mostly because its not a 400.

How do you look at being ranked as the top in the state in the your event? It's a humbling experience but I can do better than what I have been.

Do you have a specific motivation? 
Just to be faster than I was last meet, I have little kids who look up to me so I can't fail them

What has been your biggest challenge in the sport? Breaking my personal records and not wanting to quit track because of practice is so hard.

What do you hope to achieve in the future? To run a 46 or lower in the 400 and a 20.9 or lower

What do you hope to achieve the rest of the season and at State? Break the state record for the 400 or to just run a 45 by the end of the season and to run a 20.9 or lower in the 200.

 Walk us through a race for you (from pre race until post race).  Pre race I like to laugh and play with my teammates before each race I also pray to my grandma, it helps me relax my body and mind so I can just run. Post race I'm nervous but also confident in what I can do so I just run.

What goes through your mind? What does God has planned for me today

Do you play other sports? How does track help you with other sports and vice versa?  I do not play any other sport

How do you look at being top-ranked in the state? Its humbling it gives me more challenges throughout the future I can have people who want to be better than me so it betters myself.

How and when did you start training for track and field this season? After New Balance Nationals I took a few weeks off and started back July 1st.

What do you enjoy the most about the your team? They are not to serious or cocky just a normal everyday team

What team goals does your team have? Win State

What do you feel you have learned from your coaches, teammates and the sport? You can do whatever you put your mind to. You cannot be weak minded in this sport your mind controls how you run and participate in any event.

What would like to see happen in the future in the sport?  To be higher recognized like football and basketball

If there is one thing in the world you could do, what would it be and why? Go to a quiet place on Earth and just sit and listen to the world