Attention All Coaches

I have added all the North State and South State Meets as they are in the MHSAA site. If you are the meet host you can go in there and make any changes you need. You will need to check to make sure all the events are added that you need. Please do not set up new meets. These only show the city not the meet host or the High School location (Like Gulfport which is West Harrison and Gulfport High).

2018-04-28MHSAA 1A South State ChampionshipsMadisonMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA 1A/2A North State ChampionshipsWinonaMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA 2A/4A South State ChampionshipsFlowoodMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA 3A South State ChampionshipsMadisonMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA 3A/5A North State ChampionshipsOlive BranchMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA 4A North State ChampionsipsIukaMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA 5A South State ChampionshipsGulfportMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA 6A South State ChampionshipsGulfportMSUSA0NoYesNo
2018-04-28MHSAA North State 6A ChampionshipsMadisonMSUSA0NoYesNo