Christopher Hudnall, D'Iberville is a Top Returning Hurdler

Christopher is a top hurdler with huge potential. I look for him to move up higher in the all time hurdlers listing and as a junior he has another year to get even better. The picture above shows Christopher's determination and drive. Even after he hit the last hurdle he tried to keep going. It takes a great hurdler that stays low over the hurdle to be the fastest. Sometimes it ends like this. I have a saying for hurdlers, " There are two types of hurdlers: Those that have trip on a hurdle and those that are going trip on a hurdle." Good luck Christopher and keep pushing the limits.

Personal Records
  • 60mH (in) - 8.54
  • 60m (in) - 7.50
  • 110mH - 14.15
  • 200m - 22.74
  • 300mH - 38.64
  • 400m (in) - 53.85
  • 4K (xc) - 17:03.30
  • 5K (xc) - 22:02.16