BLOG: Madeleine Biddle, Northwest Rankin, Senior

After taking a couple weeks off from blogging, I'm back! Life has been extremely busy lately due to practices and just senior year in general. Thankfully, this week has slowed down a bit, which has given me an opportunity to refocus on my racing. This past Tuesday we raced in the JPS meet, and it turned out to be a great day for racing. The humidity level was rather low, and it wasn't too hot unlike it has been the past few weeks.

            We ended up winning three out of four races. Our varsity girls, middle school girls, and middle school boys came in first, and our varsity boys came in fourth. We were somewhat disappointed with that fourth place, but we know that we'll bounce back from it.

            Emma Sammons won the middle school girls race with a 14:24. Savannah Dinger followed in second place with a 16:21. Six of our seven girls came in the top ten, which led to a 27 point win over Natchez. We have a very strong middle school team this year, and I'm looking forward to see how they do at Mid-South later this month.

            Grayson Edwards left the meet with a solid time of 11:50 to win the middle school boys 3200 meter race. Seven more of our boys finished in the top ten. These runners were John Sasser, Jamin Duncan, Miles Williams, Clayton Turnage, Nakalvin Morningstar, Mills Sheridan, and Shaw Bergold. Our boys ended up with a 21 point win over Natchez.

            Autumn DeHuff was our first varsity girl to finish. She came in third place with a time of 23:40. Skyler Ellis followed with a time of 24:07 coming in fourth. We had two more runners in the top ten, Farrah Pitts and me. I finished in seventh with a 24:34, and Farrah finished in eighth with a 24:38. We ended up beating Canton Academy by 17 points, giving us our third win of the meet.

            JJ Kaler ended the meet with a time of 18:10 and a first place finish in the varsity boys' race. He was our only runner who came in the top ten. The boys faced a lot of competition in this meet. Our next runner was Bryce Harrison who came in fourteenth place with a 19:41. We were hoping to win each race, but we're all still really proud of how we all ran.

            Our next meet is at Madison on October 14th, and I'm very excited about running against some harder competition! I hope that the weather will be perfect for racing, and everything will fall into place. I'm sure I'll be seeing some of you there! Happy racing!

Until next week,

Madeleine Biddle. Northwest Rankin