Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions


1.  Facility:                        8 lane rubber track -wear 3/16" Spikes ONLY

Rubber runways - wear 3/16" Spikes ONLY

Shotput, Discus - thrown off concrete

                                          DIV 8-2A (3 teams)                                                             DIV 8-4A (6 teams)

2.  Scoring:                       Individual: 5-3-2-1                                                         Individual: 10-8-6-4-2-1

                                          Relays:5-3                                                                      Relays: 10-8-6-4-2

3.  Track Events:               Heats Against Time

4.  Exchange Zones                    

                                            1st Exchange              2nd Exchange              3rd Exchange                

a.  400 Meter Relay(4x1)           yellow                          yellow                           yellow      

b.  800 Meter Relay(4x2)           red                                red                                 red                  

c.  1600 Meter Relay(4x4)         green                            green dashed line         green dashed line                                     

d.  3200 Meter Relay(4x8)         green                            green dashed line         green dashed line


5.  Rules:  The National Federation Track & Field Rules shall be used.

6.  Relay Rules:

a.  400 Meter Relay (4x1)  Relay members must stay in their assigned lane the entire relay.     

b.  800 Meter Relay (4x2)  Relay members must stay in their assigned lane the entire relay.            

c.  1600 Meter Relay (4x4) 1st leg runner must remain in the assigned lane, 2nd runner remains in assigned lane until the 1st curve break line. 

d.  3200 Meter Relay (4x8) 1st leg runner must remain in assigned lane until the 1st curve break line.    

7.  Call System: Three Calls will be made over the PA system.  Athletes should check in with the Clerk of Course at first call or second call.  Athletes will need to be seated on the benches at the Clerk of Course tent at third call so they can be placed in lanes and escorted to the start line.  An athlete not on the start line when the starter is ready will be scratched.

8.  Entries:  Each school may enter three (3) contestants in individual events and one team in each relay.  A competitor shall not compete in more than four events including relays.  ALL ENTRIES must be done online at 

9.  Entry Deadline:    11:59PM on 4/9/18.  Schools that do not meet this deadline will be charged a $100.00 penalty fee.  No additions will be allowed after the deadline.  Changes, not additions, can be made via email to before noon on 4/11/18.   Changes will still be allowed at the coaches meeting, but schools will pay a CHANGE FEE of $10.00 for EACH and EVERY change.  Only changes due to injuries or sickness will be exempt from the change fee.

10.  Entry Fees:  $10.00 per athlete, maxing out at $200 per gender per school.  Make checks payable to St. Patrick High School.  Please bring entry fees to the meet.

  11.  Schedule of Events

1:00PM Coaches' Meeting

2:00PM Field Events Begin (Full Field Events Schedule outlined in #12 below)

2:30PM 4x800M Relay (2A Girls, 2A Boys, 4A Girls, 4A Boys)       

3200M Run (2A Girls, 2A Boys, 4A Girls, 4A Boys)

4:00PM Running Events Begin (This is a rollingschedule from this point on, athletes and coaches need to pay attention to the calls for each event.  Calls will be made by event only not gender or classification specific).

All Running Events will proceed in the following order:

2A Girls, 2A Boys, 4A Girls, 4A Boys

100/110 Hurdles

100 Meter Dash

800 Meter Relay (4x2)

1600 Meter Run

400 Meter Relay (4x1)

400 Meter Dash

300 Meter Hurdles

800 Meter Run

200 Meter Dash

1600 Meter Relay (4x4)

12.  Field Events Schedule

2:00PM  All Field Events begin based on the following rotation.  We will call from the event site, not the PA.  When groups finish.  All field event participants need to be paying attention to their event site.  When one group finishes we will allow time for the next group to warm up, then begin.

SHOTPUT                  2A Girls, 2A Boys, 4A Girls, 4A BoysDISCUS                     2A Boys, 2A Girls, 4A Boys, 4A Girls

HIGH JUMP              2A Girls, 2A Boys, 4A Girls, 4A Boys

POLE VAULT            2A Boys, 2A Girls, 4A Boys, 4A Girls

LONG JUMP             2A Girls, 2A Boys, 4A Girls, 4A Boys

TRIPLE JUMP (begins at end of Long Jump)  2A Boys, 2A Girls, 4A Boys, 4A Girls

13.  Meet Admission: $5

14.  Each school will be asked to work a field event and/or relay exchange zones

15.  The no false start rule will be in effect.

16.  The top four finishers in each event will move on to the Region Meet.

17.  In all lane races, after finishing their race, athletes are to walk back to the finish line in their lanes and wait to be dismissed.

18.  A Fully Automatic Timing system will be in use.  Athletes may be called back to the starting line if there is a malfunction.

19.  A pole vault confirmation sheet (included in this packet) must be handed to the pole vault event judge or clerk of course by the conclusion of  the meet.

20.  A relay confirmation sheet (included in this packet) must be turned in to the clerk of course by the conclusion of the meet.

21.  Please have athletes warm up in the designated area of the football field.  Only athletes who are about to run their event will be allowed on the infield.

22.  Athletes should exit the track area after their event finishes.

23.  Athletes will get 3 attempts in the long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus. The top 5 for 2A will make the finals and get three more attempts.  The top 7 will make the finals for 4A and get 3 more attempts.  Best mark of the day stands.

24.  All throwing implements will be weighed and checked in at the finish line tent before 2PM. 

Acceptable weights are as follows:

 Boys Shot:  12 lbs                                                       Boys Discus:  3 lbs, 9 oz

 Girls Shot:  8 lbs, 13 oz                                               Girls Discus:  2 lbs, 3.27 oz

25.  Opening height for High Jump shall be 2" below the lowest seed mark. The bar will be raised in 2" increments until one competitor remains.

26.  Opening height for Pole Vault shall be 6" below the lowest seed mark. The bar will be raised in 6" increments until one competitor remains.

27.  Uniforms:  athletes must compete in a school issued uniform.  In relay races each team member must be in compliance with the NFHS uniform rule.

28.  Jury of Appeals:  Three coaches from three different schools are needed to volunteer to be on this committee to decide on a ruling should an issue arise during the meet. 

29.  Appeals process:  The Jury of Appeals will serve as the Final Board of Appeals.

1.  What is subject to appeal:

                        a.  misapplication of a rule

                        b.  Clerical or team scoring errors (appeals may be made within 48 hours of the scoring of the event).

                       c.  Correction of meet results involving an ineligible participant which may be made at any time when discovered.

                       d.  Misapplication of failure to follow a procedure contained in the terms and conditions of completion announced in advance by the Meet Director or the MHSAA. This would include such items as the time schedule, the number of qualifiers to advance, number of trials, etc.

 2.  What is not subject to appeal:

                    a.  Any judgement decisions pertaining to violations or alleged violations of the rules.

                    b.  A decision made by the Finish Judges or Timers that does not involve a misapplication of a rule, or the terms and conditions of competition.

                    c.  Whether a start is fair and legal

3.  Appeals procedure:

                        a.  A coach first appeals to the referee within 30 minutes of the infraction.

                        b.  If the coach still feels that the terms and conditions of competition or the application of the rules have been misinterpreted, a written appeal shall be made to the jury.  The appeal should include the following:

                                   1.  Competitor's name and school, as well as event involved.

                                    2.  The rule in question.

                                    3.  A brief description of the situation or ruling being appealed.

                                    4.  The appeal should be presented to the Jury of Appeals.

For more information, contact Coach Daigle @ 985.445.3830 or