Meet Information

EMAIL ME AT for the password.

Registration help -

$125 per high school (male female combined)

$50 per middle school (male female combined)

$175 max

Payments Check payable to St. Andrew's Episcopal School

Pay at meet (preferred)

Meet Schedule

9:00 Coaches Meeting in front of blue track shed

9:30 Start field events

1) Athletes in multiple events should check into both before the start of competition

2) High Jump and Pole Vault take precedence because the bar cannot be moved

3) Athletes will have a chance to come back to long or triple jump events so long as the competition has not ended for their flight.

4) Coaches should help athletes manage these conflicts

High Jump (Pit 1) MS Girls, HS Girls

High Jump (Pit 2) HS Boys, MS Boys

Triple Jump (Upper Pit 1) HS Girls, MS Girls

Triple Jump (Upper Pit 2) MS Boys, HS Boys

Long Jump (Lower Pit 1) MS Girls, HS Girls

Long Jump (Lower Pit 2) HS Boys, MS Boys

Discus (Lower Ring) HS Boys, MS Boys

Discus (Infield Ring) HS Girls, MS Girls

Shotput (Ring 1) MS Girls, HS Girls

Shotput (Ring 2) MS Boys, HS Boys

Pole Vault (Lower Field) All Girls followed by Boys (may be combined)

11:00 4x800
(girls then boys). MS and HS run together.

11:45 3200
(HS girls then HS Boys)

12:30 Track Events (order: MS girls, HS girls, MS boys, HS boys)

100/110 hurdles (30, 33, 110 33, 39)






300 (30, 30, 30, 36)



3200 (MS girls, MS boys) - may be run together


5:00 Approximate end time for meet

MS and HS will be scored separately. 3 per event may be entered, 1 team per relay event.

We will have ribbons for MS and HS and a trophy for the top team in each division for male and female teams.