Pearl Distance Runners will Shine at the Pearl Opener

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Thaddeus Land, Pearl and Dante' Brown, Forrest Hill will tangle in the 100 and 200 meter dash. But Pearls distance runners will dominated and score big to help win the team championship.

100 Meter Dash

1Thaddeus Land11Pearl HS10.4410
2Dante' Brown11Forest Hill High School10.558
3Deangelas Baker10Northwest Rankin HS10.636
4Don Ragsdale11Pisgah High School10.895
5Cameron Terrell10Laurel High School11.124
6Jefferson Newson11Senatobia High School11.163
7Jaylon Stovall11Pearl HS11.202
8Jaden Webb10Northwest Rankin HS11.311

200 Meter Dash

1Dante' Brown11Forest Hill High School21.5510
2Deangelas Baker10Northwest Rankin HS21.898
3Thaddeus Land11Pearl HS21.906
4Jeremy Ramsey11Senatobia High School22.425
5Niageria Young10Senatobia High School22.974
6Cameron Terrell10Laurel High School23.183
7Don Ragsdale11Pisgah High School23.212
8LaJarvis Washington11Raymond High School23.431

400 Meter Dash

1DeAndre McGriggs11Terry High School49.6710
2Niageria Young10Senatobia High School50.958
3Chase Spann9Forest Hill High School51.176
4Adolphus Butler11Raymond High School51.715
5Deondre House10Senatobia High School52.824
6Juqurious Bell11Wingfield High School53.403
7Tony Mack11Pearl HS54.002
8Tanner Madison10Hernando High School54.221

800 Meter Run

1Tony Mack11Pearl HS1:57.6910
2Charles Wesley10Terry High School2:00.958
3Tanner Madison10Hernando High School2:03.606
4Cameron Bell11Pearl HS2:04.105
5Willy Trigg11Hernando High School2:06.104
6Patrick Spurgeon10Pearl HS2:06.683
7Brock Kelly9Tupelo Christian Prep School2:07.672
8Aden Maddox11Pearl HS2:07.991

1600 Meter Run

1Tony Mack11Pearl HS4:27.7710
2Aden Maddox11Pearl HS4:38.518
3Brock Kelly9Tupelo Christian Prep School4:45.006
4Robert Reed11Senatobia High School4:51.895
5Cameron Bell11Pearl HS4:52.834
6Daniel Duran10Pearl HS4:54.373
7Patrick Spurgeon10Pearl HS4:55.432
8David Adams10Pearl HS4:58.841

3200 Meter Run

1Aden Maddox11Pearl HS10:11.8510
2Preston Burks10Hernando High School10:37.308
3Wyn Grantham11Pearl HS10:45.696
4David Adams10Pearl HS11:00.095
5Daniel Duran10Pearl HS11:01.664
6Robert Reed11Senatobia High School11:03.793
7Preston Noland9Tupelo Christian Prep School11:10.002
8Kenny Shirley10Pearl HS11:17.471

110 Meter Hurdles

1Cedrick Moffett11Pearl HS14.4310
2Damien Lynch10Pearl HS15.398
3Kendarius Evans11Pearl HS15.556
4Ray Thomas Jr.11Senatobia High School15.685
5Wytavious McPherson10Raymond High School16.304
6Javorious Dee11Raymond High School16.323
7Casey Wright11Hernando High School16.452
8Kavan Wooten9Senatobia High School16.461

300 Meter Hurdles

1Jefferson Newson11Senatobia High School40.1910
2Tremaine Williams11North Pike High School41.248
3Jarius Harris10Senatobia High School42.136
4Cedrick Moffett11Pearl HS42.385
5Damien Lynch10Pearl HS42.504
6Jonte Jones11Raymond High School43.333
7Kendarius Evans11Pearl HS43.792
8Mario Shannon9Pearl HS43.941

Shot Put

1Jimmy Smith11Raymond High School42-10.2510
2Xavier Simpson11Pearl HS42-4.758
3Tovell Henderson11Senatobia High School41-96
4Xzadrian Bryant11Wingfield High School41-05
5Sherman Mitchell11Wingfield High School40-14
6Michael Gibson11Laurel High School39-83
7TaDarius Noel11Raymond High School39-42
8Mario Ledbetter9Wingfield High School38-91


1Jace McCoy10North Pike High School127-2.510
2Darnell Hedrick9Pearl HS114-08
3Trevor Florence10Terry High School113-36
4Xavier Simpson11Pearl HS112-85
5Laderick Caldwell10Northwest Rankin HS111-4.54
6LaJoshua Jackson8Senatobia High School110-73
7Dennis Hudson10Tupelo Christian Prep School107-32
8Jimmy Smith11Raymond High School105-10.51

Long Jump

1Jaylon Stovall11Pearl HS23-5.7510
2Don Ragsdale11Pisgah High School22-0.58
3Willie Brown11Pearl HS21-116
4Bryce Bowling10Northwest Rankin HS21-45
5Ladarious Porter11Senatobia High School21-0.754
6Jarius Harris10Senatobia High School20-10.253
7Alvarez Powell11Senatobia High School20-6.252
8Alijah Martin9North Pike High School20-6.251

Triple Jump

1Demonte Holliman11Pearl HS43-9.2510
2Darmario Nichols11Pearl HS43-38
3Alijah Martin9North Pike High School42-9.56
4Alvarez Powell11Senatobia High School42-2.55
5DeAndre McGriggs11Terry High School39-1.54
6Brooklyn Wilson11Pisgah High School39-03
7Trevontae Lewis11Pearl HS38-10.752
8Tyrik Blakeley9Pearl HS38-61

High Jump

1Alvarez Powell11Senatobia High School6-210
2Alijah Martin9North Pike High School6-28
3Detrevian Broome10Northwest Rankin HS6-06
4Javorious Dee11Raymond High School6-05
5Ray Thomas Jr.11Senatobia High School6-04
6Shaun McCool9Terry High School5-103
7Darmario Nichols11Pearl HS5-102
8Ciderrius Dampeer11Forest Hill High School5-101

Pole Vault

1Jason Collier10Pearl HS13-010
2Ben Woolhouse9Tupelo Christian Prep School11-68
3Gabriel Harvey10Pearl HS11-66
4Ryan Graham10Pearl HS11-05
5Dodger Rhone11Senatobia High School11-04
6Trevor Hallett10Pisgah High School10-03
7Timothy Thompson10Terry High School9-62
8Taylor Clevidence10Pearl HS9-01

Team Scores

		                    Boys - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                     
1) Pearl HS 211 2) Senatobia High School 95
3) Raymond High School 34 4) North Pike High School 33
5) Terry High School 33 6) Northwest Rankin HS 30
7) Forest Hill High School 25 8) Hernando High School 21
9) Pisgah High School 21 10) Tupelo Christian Prep Sc 20
11) Wingfield High School 13 12) Laurel High School 10