Clinton Season Opener Virtual Meet for Saturday

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Jayda Eckford, Clinton leads the girls sprinters for this opening weekend meet at Clinton. Aleekia Lewis, Brandon will start the season in the long jump and the triple jump.

100 Meter Dash

1Jayda Eckford11Clinton High School12.2710
2Olivia Womack9Clinton High School12.388
3Kiona Patton11Vicksburg High School12.606
4Taylor Gray10Vicksburg High School12.615
5Kambria Cotton10Clinton High School12.774
6Arion Walker11Brandon High School12.793
7Trinity Williams8Clinton High School12.812
8jerrica ambus8Brandon High School13.111

200 Meter Dash

1Jayda Eckford11Clinton High School24.3410
2Olivia Womack9Clinton High School26.158
3Trinity Williams8Clinton High School26.346
4Erin Thornton10Brandon High School26.985
5Aleekia Lewis11Brandon High School27.184
6Jakayla Johnson9Clinton High School27.303
7Taylor Gray10Vicksburg High School27.342
8Kambria Cotton10Clinton High School27.541

400 Meter Dash

1Jayda Eckford11Clinton High School56.8410
2Char'Davia Anderson10Vicksburg High School1:02.158
3Olivia Womack9Clinton High School1:02.616
4Michayla Johnson10Clinton High School1:04.015
5Jakayla Johnson9Clinton High School1:04.084
6Alisha Taylor11Brandon High School1:04.793
7Jada Wallace10Brandon High School1:04.892
8Jakiya Michael7Clinton Junior High1:05.111

800 Meter Run

1Mary Claire Ford10Clinton High School2:26.4210
2Rachel Coleman10Clinton High School2:35.348
3Zoƫ Gorden7Clinton High School2:35.576
4Alisha Taylor11Brandon High School2:35.865
5Bria Carbo10Clinton High School2:40.614
6Zoe Gorden7Clinton Junior High2:47.553
7Jamie Ferreras9Brandon High School2:48.592
8Lecia Grimmett9Sumner Hill Junior High School2:49.661

1600 Meter Run

1Shelby Dean9Clinton High School5:47.4010
2Lecia Grimmett9Clinton High School6:10.588
3Zoe Gorden7Clinton Junior High6:10.836
4Lecia Grimmett9Sumner Hill Junior High School6:12.005
5Katie Kirby10Brandon High School6:29.174
6Olivia Hutchins7Clinton Junior High6:33.973
7Ella Bourne8Brandon Middle School6:34.022
8Laura Joy Travis10Clinton High School6:44.931

3200 Meter Run

1Shelby Dean9Clinton High School12:35.4810
2Meagan Henry9Brandon High School13:44.818
3Katie Kirby10Brandon High School13:52.576
4Olivia Hutchins7Clinton Junior High14:42.215
5Laura Joy Travis10Clinton High School15:13.734
6Asia Hinton7Clinton Junior High15:22.673
7Grace Rayborn10Brandon High School16:28.302
8Summer Hawk7Clinton Junior High17:25.111

100 Meter Hurdles

1Jerricka Ambus9Brandon High School15.3210
2Jordan Davis10Vicksburg High School15.998
3Lashundria Chatman10Brandon High School16.076
4Ambus Kimia11Brandon High School16.695
5Ashley Myers10Clinton High School17.834
6Trinity Williams8Clinton High School18.403
7Kimia Ambus11Brandon High School19.052
8Jada Jelks8Clinton Junior High19.241

300 Meter Hurdles

1Jerricka Ambus9Brandon High School46.0610
2Jakayla Johnson9Clinton High School47.408
3Jordan Davis10Vicksburg High School48.646
4jerrica ambus8Brandon High School48.995
5Char'Davia Anderson10Vicksburg High School49.064
6Alanna McLaurin11Brandon High School49.303
7Alexandria Colbert11Clinton High School49.572
8Lashundria Chatman10Brandon High School49.631

Shot Put

1Kiara Vance11Clinton High School34-8.510
2Madelynn Webster9Clinton High School34-0.58
3Ebony Huff11Clinton High School30-76
4Madelynn Webster9Sumner Hill Junior High School29-9.55
5Erykah Jones11Brandon High School28-44
6Kendalyn Washington9Brandon High School27-43
7Jasmine Benard11Vicksburg High School24-11.52
8Daidreyani Bingham9Vicksburg High School23-8.251


1Kiara Vance11Clinton High School125-310
2Jada Townsend11Brandon High School106-78
3Ebony Huff11Clinton High School97-86
4Taylor Savage7Brandon Middle School80-65
5Nareuna Ford10Clinton High School78-64
6Kendalyn Washington9Brandon High School70-4.53
7Jasmine Benard11Vicksburg High School67-10.52
8Tabatha Blackburn8Brandon Middle School67-51

Long Jump

1Aleekia Lewis11Brandon High School17-910
2Arion Walker11Brandon High School16-9.58
3Ashley Myers10Clinton High School15-5.56
4Erin Washington10Clinton High School15-15
5Alanna McLaurin11Brandon High School14-114
6Lyndon Brown9Brandon High School14-93
7Xamaria Luckett8Brandon High School14-72
8Kemari Smith10Vicksburg High School14-5.51

Triple Jump

1Aleekia Lewis11Brandon High School37-3.7510
2Jada Wallace10Brandon High School36-8.258
3Michayla Johnson10Clinton High School35-4.256
4Ashley Myers10Clinton High School34-4.55
5Madison Johnson10Clinton High School31-114
6Alanna McLaurin11Brandon High School31-9.53
7Kemari Smith10Vicksburg High School31-32
8Keirra Wilkerson9Vicksburg High School31-21

High Jump

1Lashundria Chatman10Brandon High School5-0.2510
2Ashlyn Smith10Brandon High School5-08
3Brashayla Thomas10Vicksburg High School4-106
4Jada Townsend11Brandon High School4-105
5Marie Bryant9Brandon Middle School4-84
6Ayaii Houston11Clinton High School4-83
7Madison Johnson10Clinton High School4-62
8Ta'Mia Archie8Brandon High School4-41

Pole Vault

1Ayaii Houston11Clinton High School9-610
2Salena Carson11Brandon High School8-68
3Jessica Brandon11Clinton High School7-66
4Amari Shields10Clinton High School7-65
5Nevada Jones9Brandon High School7-04
6Josie Summers8Brandon Middle School6-63
7Jamie Ferreras9Brandon High School6-02

Team Scores

		                    Girls - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                    
1) Clinton High School 251 2) Brandon High School 191
3) Vicksburg High School 54 4) Clinton Junior High 23
5) Brandon Middle School 15 6) Sumner Hill Junior High 11