Clinton versus Pearl a Dual Meet Boys

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Taking it back to the old days when it was one on one team against team in dual meets. Scoring is incorrect and it did not do relays. We are working to correct this for dual meets.

100 Meter Dash

1Thaddeus Land2018Pearl HS10.44 10
2Kristopher Moore2018Clinton High School11.10 8
3Jaylon Stovall2018Pearl HS11.20 6
4Christian Williams2020Clinton High School11.24 5
5Trey Banks2018Clinton High School11.28 4
6Darmario Nichols2018Pearl HS11.52 3
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200 Meter Dash

1Kristopher Moore2018Clinton High School21.38 10
2Thaddeus Land2018Pearl HS21.90 8
3Christian Williams2020Clinton High School23.17 6
4Daryon Jackson2018Clinton High School23.36 5
5Darmario Nichols2018Pearl HS23.90 4
6Desmond Wilson2019Pearl HS24.63 3
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400 Meter Dash

1Kristopher Moore2018Clinton High School47.82 10
2Christian Williams2020Clinton High School51.21 8
3Tony Mack2018Pearl HS54.00 6
4Mario Shannon2020Pearl HS54.42 5
5Jaylan Hayes2019Pearl HS57.17 4
6Kelsey Johnson2019Clinton High School57.32 3
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800 Meter Run

1Tony Mack2018Pearl HS1:57.69 10
2Jordan Shannon2019Clinton High School2:01.62 8
3Cameron Bell2018Pearl HS2:04.10 6
4Patrick Spurgeon2019Pearl HS2:06.68 5
5Martinez Bogan2020Clinton High School2:08.31 4
6Evan Carite2020Clinton High School2:12.44 3
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1,600 Meter Run

1Tony Mack2018Pearl HS4:27.77 10
2Aden Maddox2018Pearl HS4:38.51 8
3Ethan Kelley2019Clinton High School4:49.88 6
4Cameron Bell2018Pearl HS4:52.83 5
5Noah Martinolich2018Clinton High School4:53.23 4
6Evan Carite2020Clinton High School5:21.10 3
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3,200 Meter Run

1Aden Maddox2018Pearl HS10:11.85 10
2Noah Martinolich2018Clinton High School10:39.54 8
3Ethan Kelley2019Clinton High School10:40.33 6
4Wyn Grantham2018Pearl HS10:45.69 5
5David Adams2019Pearl HS11:00.09 4
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Cedrick Moffett2018Pearl HS14.43 10
2Damien Lynch2019Pearl HS15.39 8
3Kendarius Evans2018Pearl HS15.55 6
4Rickey Colbert2020Clinton High School16.34 5
5Dezavius Minor2018Clinton High School18.72 4
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Rickey Colbert2020Clinton High School41.85 10
2Cedrick Moffett2018Pearl HS42.38 8
3Damien Lynch2019Pearl HS42.50 6
4Kendarius Evans2018Pearl HS43.79 5
5Dezavius Minor2018Clinton High School44.99 4
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Triple Jump

1Derrick Jordan2018Clinton High School44-5 10
2Daryon Jackson2018Clinton High School43-9.5 8
3Demonte Holliman2018Pearl HS43-9.25 6
4Darmario Nichols2018Pearl HS43-3 5
5Javontae Joiner2020Clinton High School43-2 4
6Trevontae Lewis2018Pearl HS38-10.75 3
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High Jump

1Darmario Nichols2018Pearl HS5-10 10
2Theron Bishop2019Pearl HS5-8 8
3Colby Mozee2019Pearl HS5-4 5.5
3Javontae Joiner2020Clinton High School5-4 5.5
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Long Jump

1Jaylon Stovall2018Pearl HS23-5.75 10
2Willie Brown2018Pearl HS21-11 8
3Daryon Jackson2018Clinton High School21-2 6
4Derrick Jordan2018Clinton High School21-0 5
5Trevontae Lewis2018Pearl HS19-1.75 4
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Pole Vault

1Michael Franks2018Clinton High School13-0.25 10
2Jason Collier2019Pearl HS13-0 8
3Gabriel Harvey2019Pearl HS11-6 6
4Ryan Graham2019Pearl HS11-0 5
5Matthew Bailey2019Clinton High School8-6 4
6Caleb Hynum2019Clinton High School7-6 3
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1Theron Bishop2019Pearl HS137-3 10
2Connor White2020Pearl HS123-10 8
3Justin Kelly2018Clinton High School118-0 6
4Darnell Hedrick2020Pearl HS114-0 5
5Ronnie Thomas2018Clinton High School100-9 4
6Caleb McGowan2018Clinton High School78-7 3
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Shot Put

1Justin Kelly2018Clinton High School45-10 10
2Xavier Simpson2018Pearl HS42-4.75 8
3Ronnie Thomas2018Clinton High School41-4 6
4Caleb McGowan2018Clinton High School36-2.5 5

Team Scores

A breakdown of the team scores shows where each team is stronger.

1Pearl HS264.5
2Clinton High School213.5