Can Dylan Allen, Mooreville break 16 Two Weeks in a Row

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Large School Boys 4-6A

We all know how fast the Pontotoc course is the only question here is how fast Dylan Allen, Mooreville can run. This will show if the Mooreville course was short and maybe quiet any critics that did not run there. Dylan cannot relax though as Slater Richardson, Starkville is lurking and hoping for that breakout race. The Oxford High School boys should be able to hold of the Saltillo boys in the team race.

Championship Meet - 13 Teams

1Dylan Allen11Mooreville High School15:47.741
2Slater Richardson12Starkville High School16:42.002
3Malik Lawson11Oxford High School (MS)16:55.853
4John Owen Yoste12Oxford High School (MS)17:00.694
5Joshua Peek12Saltillo High School17:03.675
6Walt Johnson10Oxford High School (MS)17:04.426
7Chris Webber12Columbus Christian Academy17:05.087
8Payton Temple11Saltillo High School17:21.008
9Carter Campbell11Starkville High School17:31.469
10Xander Valdez10Oxford High School (MS)17:34.8010
11Chip Powell12Oxford High School (MS)17:43.9111
12Brent Gobbell12Saltillo High School17:53.0012
13Owen Bruce10Oxford High School (MS)17:53.5313
14Caleb Ruth11Pontotoc High School17:55.6414
15John Alex Mulrooney12Starkville High School17:56.0015
16Eli Hannon10Saltillo High School17:57.8016
17Jadarius Scott11New Hope High School17:58.9017
18William Porter10Pontotoc High School18:04.0418
19Eli Cappleman11Starkville High School18:04.5019
20Ben Carter9Ripley High School18:07.4520
21Glenn Misiak12Columbus Christian Academy18:11.6521
22Mitchell Cook11Pontotoc High School18:12.1122
23Tanner Buse12Saltillo High School18:14.0023
24Sam Shelton10Oxford High School (MS)18:22.8024
25Austin Sanders11Saltillo High School18:23.0525
26Nolan Farmer11Oxford High School (MS)18:27.91--
27Eli Hartnett11Oxford High School (MS)18:28.84--
28Ben Russell12Pontotoc High School18:29.6126
29Jack Cobb10Saltillo High School18:30.3527
30Davonte Cathey11South Panola High School18:37.7428
31Jacob Timmons10Saltillo High School18:38.50--
32Christian Leach10Starkville High School18:43.0929
33Isaac Staggs12Pontotoc High School18:43.2230
34Jason Roberson11Starkville High School18:44.0031
35Tyler Gardner10Oxford High School (MS)18:48.77--
36Tommy Bramlett11Mooreville High School18:49.6532
37Jesus Ruedas10Ripley High School18:49.9033
38Peyton Brassfield12Houston High School18:50.0034
39Ross Mathews10Pontotoc High School18:50.3235
40Chris Gaston11South Panola High School18:53.8636
41Freddy Porter9Pontotoc High School18:55.6837
42Brandon Tackitt12Saltillo High School18:56.00--
43Michael Cutler10Pontotoc High School18:59.93--
44Evan McCutchen11Pontotoc High School19:02.34--
45Cameron Lavigne12Pontotoc High School19:08.00--
46Tucker Witt11Mooreville High School19:08.1938
47Spencer Davis11South Panola High School19:09.6239
48Brandon Gonzalez9Pontotoc High School19:14.17--
49Wesley Gillentine10Mooreville High School19:19.8540
50Zachary Buntin9Starkville High School19:33.3041
51Trent Rowan12Saltillo High School19:35.47--
52Regdricus Jones12South Panola High School19:42.8642
53Ethan Carnes10Pontotoc High School19:44.63--
54Silas Herring11Saltillo High School19:47.00--
55Ryan Leach9Starkville High School19:48.42--
56John Geoffrey Campbell9Starkville High School19:51.87--
57John Mac Peters10Mooreville High School19:54.2243
58Nate Parker12Columbus Christian Academy19:56.1544
59Celique Williams9Ripley High School20:00.8545
60Clay Cromwell10Oxford High School (MS)20:03.93--
61Luke Grissom11Saltillo High School20:05.00--
62Edgar Bedolla12Houston High School20:07.7846
63Tychicus Johnson11New Hope High School20:08.6647
64Will Gentry9Saltillo High School20:13.00--
65Thomas Locastro10Pontotoc High School20:15.74--
66David Bledsoe11South Panola High School20:23.9748
67Sean Boney9Lafayette High School20:24.1649
68Lisandro Escobedo8Lafayette High School20:25.8750
69Jorge Ruedas10Ripley High School20:26.0051
70Ryan Pollard11South Panola High School20:28.6952
71Caleb Pugh11Starkville High School20:29.80--
72Emerson Mansfield9Saltillo High School20:32.70--
73Jackson Crump12Houston High School20:35.4253
74Gabe Henry11Pontotoc High School20:37.42--
75Alex Martin12Saltillo High School20:41.30--
76Wray Willis9South Panola High School20:43.3154
77Ethan Sevier10Columbus Christian Academy20:48.2955
78Timothy Locastro10Pontotoc High School20:51.42--
79Caden Mitchell11Saltillo High School20:55.00--
80Andrew Keith9Starkville High School20:55.80--
81Nick Hollis12Starkville High School20:56.10--
82Tristan Fassinger9Oxford High School (MS)20:56.26--
83Ben Hakim9Oxford High School (MS)20:59.27--
84Zander Turner9Mooreville High School21:00.9156
85Blake Burnett9Columbus High School21:02.9057
86Matthew Swiderski9Starkville High School21:07.90--
87Spencer Telford9Oxford High School (MS)21:14.42--
88Adrian Ruedas10Ripley High School21:18.0058
89Joseph Noll12Starkville High School21:18.61--
90Abraham Rivera10Ripley High School21:25.2659
91Dylan Cooper8Amory High School21:26.34--
92Zach Turba12Saltillo High School21:27.00--
93Joshua Mcphail9Oxford High School (MS)21:33.70--
94Campbell Dye9Saltillo High School21:35.90--
95John Thomas Walter--Ripley High School21:40.3060
96Antonio Hernandez12Ripley High School21:41.40--
97Aj Wharton9Saltillo High School21:42.00--
98Hayes Robbins11Pontotoc High School21:43.84--
99Dean Wingate10Starkville High School21:48.90--
100Walker Maranto7Amory High School21:49.00--
101Ben Cummings9Oxford High School (MS)21:50.53--
102Dakota Shaw10Columbus Christian Academy21:51.1361
103J.t. Walter12Ripley High School21:51.24--
104Drew Martin9Saltillo High School21:58.05--
105Nate Ledlow9Pontotoc High School22:02.04--
106Luke Johnson11Amory High School22:04.00--
107Tyler Looney9Columbus Christian Academy22:04.9162
108Mason Bay10Lafayette High School22:11.1763
109Logan Irwin9Saltillo High School22:12.00--
110Alan Rangel9Ripley High School22:12.06--
111Adam Russell11Pontotoc High School22:15.00--
112Robert Woodard12Columbus High School22:18.7064
113Quentin Perkins11South Panola High School22:19.11--
114Sam Kirkland9South Panola High School22:21.84--
115Dylan Scruggs10Saltillo High School22:23.34--
116Jacob Rousseau10Oxford High School (MS)22:23.70--
117Jacob Crane10Pontotoc High School22:29.00--
118Hays Lumsden10New Hope High School22:29.0665
119Jackson Feather9Mooreville High School22:29.3266
120Mathew Phillips10Columbus Christian Academy22:30.0567
121Tyler Barber9Mooreville High School22:31.20--
122Reed Priest11Saltillo High School22:35.40--
123Lane Winter12Mooreville High School22:43.00--
124Logann Cossey10South Panola High School22:45.84--
125Reed Martin9Saltillo High School22:51.00--
126Conner Griffin12Ripley High School22:52.71--
127Travis Story10Starkville High School22:55.23--
128Abram Stubka11Mooreville High School22:57.00--
129Ajay Patel12Houston High School22:57.7668
130Ross Cohen9Oxford High School (MS)23:01.62--
131Tucker Cowsert10Pontotoc High School23:02.59--
132Justis Cook11Columbus High School23:03.9069
133Drew Lesley10Saltillo High School23:19.00--
134Tyer Lee7South Panola High School23:19.21--
135Wes Newton10Saltillo High School23:24.00--
136Cody Woychesin8Columbus Christian Academy23:27.55--
137Brian Buchanan7Columbus Christian Academy23:32.59--
138Jonah Harrison7Columbus Christian Academy23:32.92--
139Cole Verdin9New Hope High School23:37.1070
140Landon Golson9New Hope High School23:40.5071
141Drake Shaw7Columbus Christian Academy23:41.31--
142Andrew Chism9New Hope High School23:44.6072
143Jackson Griffin11Ripley High School23:51.66--
144Tanner Dolan10Columbus Christian Academy24:05.12--
145Caleb Sanders10Mooreville High School24:09.00--
146Grayson Marable9Saltillo High School24:11.64--
147Casey Smith12Columbus High School24:12.2073
148Charles Jackson10Oxford High School (MS)24:15.50--
149Terry Sledge11Columbus High School24:16.5074
150Keegan Smith12Ripley High School24:22.00--
151Jack Conner9Ripley High School24:45.00--
152Gabriel Williams10Columbus High School24:52.4075
153Ronnie Deloach12Columbus High School25:00.1076
154Jake Connor--Ripley High School25:01.00--
155Da'Vonta Martin10Columbus High School25:05.90--
156Paslay Adkins11Saltillo High School25:15.81--
157Caleb Lafferty11Lafayette High School25:17.7277
158Blake Chandler8Columbus Christian Academy25:26.48--
159Logan Bay12Lafayette High School25:33.0078
160Luke Phillips7Columbus Christian Academy25:47.83--
161Jaylon Jones10South Panola High School25:55.34--
162Bryan Ruedas12Ripley High School25:58.00--
163Tucker Boyett9New Hope High School26:06.4779
164Drew Walters9Starkville High School26:13.48--
165Greg King11Columbus High School26:23.50--
166Stallone Shelton10New Hope High School26:27.57--
167Riley Hardy12Starkville High School26:29.87--
168Tyrin Johnson11Columbus High School26:33.90--
169Benson Smith12Columbus Christian Academy26:45.13--
170Emanuel Cathey11South Panola High School27:07.36--
171Zackary Morrow10New Hope High School27:10.64--
172Will Wilkinson11Oxford High School (MS)27:17.50--
173Judd Bennett9Ripley High School27:46.07--
174Thomas Archer9Oxford High School (MS)28:06.50--
175Cameron Weatherall12Amory High School28:08.22--
176Cj Seroux7Columbus Christian Academy29:12.88--
177Hayden Parker10Mooreville High School29:16.50--
178Joahan Chapina10Ripley High School29:30.00--
179Chris Hoyle11Ripley High School29:40.46--
180Will Hardy11Starkville High School29:46.28--
181Julius Bell9Houston High School30:17.0080
182Wyatt Sevier7Columbus Christian Academy30:50.73--
183Carlisle Harding10Columbus Christian Academy31:34.21--
184Braxton Miller9Columbus Christian Academy31:49.26--
185Rob Winters11Mooreville High School32:50.57--
186Jackson Howard7Columbus Christian Academy33:10.67--
187Colby Wood11Mooreville High School34:08.13--
188Kile Harrison7Columbus Christian Academy36:57.58--

Championship Meet - 13 Teams Team Scores

1Oxford High School (MS)343461011--
2Saltillo High School6458121623--
3Starkville High School7429151929--
4Pontotoc High School1101418222630--
5Mooreville High School154132384043--
6Columbus Christian Academy188721445561--
7South Panola High School1932836394248--
8Ripley High School2072033455158--
9New Hope High School2701747657071--
10Houston High School2813446536880--
11Lafayette High School3174950637778--
12Columbus High School3375764697374--
--Amory High SchoolNTS