Kirk Academy Boys Look to Win at Winona

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Luke Beissel should lead the Kirk Academy team to victory here. Him and his teammates Michael O'Brien and Chase Rose have the three fastest times of the teams entered. 

Championship Meet - 6 Teams

1Luke Beissel9Kirk Academy17:29.201
2Michael O'Brien12Kirk Academy18:13.792
3Chase Rose9Kirk Academy18:29.273
4Peyton Brassfield12Houston High School18:50.004
5NICHOLAS MYERS10Wingfield High School19:28.385
6ROBERT HUGHES12Wingfield High School19:29.546
7Alex Dipaolo12Kirk Academy19:38.577
8Cameron Bullard11Winona High School19:41.498
9Ronald Wiggins11Wingfield High School19:46.239
10Jaylon Townes11Grenada High School19:58.71--
11Carson Holly10Winona High School20:07.4410
12Edgar Bedolla12Houston High School20:07.7811
13Jackson Crump12Houston High School20:35.4212
14Ma'Leik Hart10Wingfield High School20:41.6013
15Jeremy Johnson11Wingfield High School20:54.1314
16Nick Murphy11Winona High School21:07.5015
17Justin McElroy12Kirk Academy21:18.5516
18Sam Matriasciano9Winona High School21:31.2217
19Juqurious Bell12Wingfield High School21:38.9518
20Valery Ngong11Wingfield High School21:40.2919
21Micah Williams11Grenada High School21:51.54--
22Ajay Patel12Houston High School22:57.7620
23Antrvious Jones11Grenada High School23:16.97--
24Dalton Murphy12Winona High School23:40.8421
25Dallas Marter9Kirk Academy23:43.5822
26DeAndre Townes11Grenada High School24:08.13--
27Aden Miller12Winona High School24:14.3923
28Michael Walton10Winona High School24:31.6224
29Clayton Sheffield9Winona High School24:42.67--
30Chandler Beissel6Kirk Academy25:28.1125
31Kobe Sullivan11Wingfield High School25:30.27--
32Jabrell Davis11Winona High School25:37.72--
33Riley Rea7Kirk Academy25:38.13--
34Jesse O'Bryant12Winona High School25:45.59--
35Gunner Vance6Kirk Academy25:54.63--
36Benji Kendall12Kirk Academy26:20.75--
37John Lake Melton8Kirk Academy26:27.22--
38Luke Hollingsworth7Kirk Academy26:35.70--
39Noah Durham7Winona High School26:40.03--
40QUINTEN MILTON10Wingfield High School26:56.73--
41Adrian Martin12Kirk Academy27:47.63--
42Angelo Migliore12Winona High School28:01.95--
43Joseph Woods12Winona High School28:07.63--
44Tiquez Lomax11Wingfield High School29:02.21--
X45Gabriel Greer6Kirk Academy29:41.50--
46Julius Bell9Houston High School30:17.0026
47DE'AVIS WOMACK10Wingfield High School32:13.81--
48NICHOLAS WILLIAMS11Wingfield High School33:42.93--
49John Hiram Davis7Kirk Academy35:20.60--

Championship Meet - 6 Teams Team Scores

1Kirk Academy29123716--
2Wingfield High School475691314--
3Winona High School71810151721--
4Houston High School73411122026--
--Grenada High SchoolNTS