Ocean Spring #1 Ranked at Biloxi Invitational

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Matthew Mestayer, Junior, Ocean Springs leads his number 1 ranked team into this meet. If the race goes as this virtual meet shows only Cole Benoit, Junior Pearl River Central could break up a perfect score for Ocean Springs. Matthew is ranked number 3 in the state by Mississippi Milesplit.

1Matthew Mestayer11Ocean Springs High School16:37.821
2Cole Benoit11Pearl River Central High School17:07.282
3James Harsch12Ocean Springs High School17:22.023
4Joseph Gallo11Ocean Springs High School17:28.144
5Alexander Whyte10Ocean Springs High School17:28.555
6Grayson Frieze11Ocean Springs High School17:57.966
7Mason Watkins10Picayune High School17:59.467
8Zach Deihl12East Central High School18:02.368
9Adam Taylor11East Central High School18:04.829
10Drew Saucier11Ocean Springs High School18:26.1610
11Robert Hughes11Ocean Springs High School18:30.7211
12Beck Guidry12Ocean Springs High School18:47.53--
13Mason Prince11D'Iberville High School19:24.9812
14Christian Balcer9East Central High School19:26.6013
15Matthew Geis12Vancleave High School19:32.9214
16Adam Atigh9East Central High School19:37.6215
17Chandler Deluca10George County High School19:44.8416
18Thomas Powell9Ocean Springs High School19:54.59--
19David Bond10Ocean Springs High School20:01.99--
20Joseph Kauppi12George County High School20:02.1117
21Kyle Holland9Ocean Springs High School20:12.52--
22Alex King12Harrison Central HS20:39.7918
23Cooper Doychak9Ocean Springs High School20:39.82--
24Cameron Forestieri11Ocean Springs High School20:47.70--
25Logan Cain11Ocean Springs High School20:56.97--
26Mason McCullough11Saint Patrick High School20:57.00--
27Enrique Martinez9Gautier High School20:57.3919
28Brockman (Ash) Bowen12D'Iberville High School20:57.7820
29Terrell Jordan12Hancock High School21:01.4121
30Jeffery Shaw12Pearl River Central High School21:03.2222
31Peyton Murphy10Harrison Central HS21:08.0723
32Dylan Middleton11Saint Patrick High School21:12.00--
33Mosie Kirby12Ocean Springs High School21:21.30--
34Christian Impey11Ocean Springs High School21:31.92--
35John Champagne12Hancock High School21:38.2424
36Stephen Ladner11Harrison Central HS21:38.9025
37Tyler Brickeen9Pearl River Central High School21:46.8626
38Trevor Stuart11Pearl River Central High School21:47.4027
39Brandon Anthony10Ocean Springs High School21:49.28--
40Preston Lee11East Central High School21:52.8228
41Jakob Elliott9Ocean Springs High School21:53.04--
42Cameron Garrett12Ocean Springs High School21:57.31--
43Mason Thompson12Saint Martin High School21:59.8029
44Isaac Alanis9Ocean Springs High School22:00.00--
45Ethan Harriel11Hancock High School22:11.0430
46Austin Duke10Vancleave High School22:17.9331
47Brady Davis10Pearl River Central High School22:19.6032
48Wesley Loyd8Ocean Springs High School22:19.65--
49Errol Kerne12Picayune High School22:23.3833
50Daniel Saewert11Vancleave High School22:33.0834
51Tyler Robinson9Ocean Springs High School22:33.95--
52Lane Brown12East Central High School22:40.8335
53Ryan Taylor9Ocean Springs High School22:42.92--
54Joshua Cardon10Ocean Springs High School22:43.08--
55Ethan Mitchell9Ocean Springs High School22:43.84--
56Clayton Fleming9George County High School22:44.5136
57Seth Penton10Hancock High School22:45.2837
58William Wilson10Vancleave High School22:50.0138
59Landon Neese12George County High School23:05.7239
60dylon greenwood10Hancock High School23:11.7840
61Carter Lee9Ocean Springs High School23:12.20--
62Connor Tootle7Vancleave High School23:21.0941
63Troy Mcinnis12Gautier High School23:47.0542
64Kevin Santiago13Pascagoula High School23:48.8443
65Kevin Hawes12Harrison Central HS23:51.0744
66Kyle Mcdonald11Pascagoula High School23:56.1645
67Brock Revels12Pearl River Central High School23:58.8846
68Ashton Smith10D'Iberville High School24:03.0647
69Hayden Dodd12Pearl River Central High School24:08.1948
70Jordan Green9Ocean Springs High School24:12.08--
71Jayce Pater8George County High School24:21.1049
72Jose Lugo10Pascagoula High School24:24.2350
73Charles Kilgore9Saint Martin High School24:25.4051
74Austin Dossett12Saint Patrick High School24:29.00--
75John Daniel Chalakee11Gautier High School24:35.2252
76Duke Kirby9Ocean Springs High School24:36.21--
77West Falks11East Central High School24:44.2853
78Kashawn Scott9Picayune High School24:45.4754
79Dalton Anderson9Saint Martin High School24:46.0855
80Jack Claffey11East Central High School24:46.44--
81Grayson Ard9East Central High School24:53.91--
82Connor Claffey9East Central High School25:01.39--
83David Sullivan11George County High School25:04.6656
84Allen Halsall9Gautier High School25:08.5557
85Teal Salloum11Saint Patrick High School25:10.00--
86Carson Lajaunie8Pearl River Central High School25:31.51--
87Reid Loper9D'Iberville High School25:31.8558
88Jon Gautreaux9D'Iberville High School25:34.9759
89Dustin Grant12George County High School25:52.1560
90Graham Smith10D'Iberville High School25:52.8561
91Aidan Settlemires10Ocean Springs High School25:55.96--
92Seth Fradella12Pearl River Central High School26:00.74--
93Michael Canulette10Picayune High School26:01.1862
94Dale Fry12Pearl River Central High School26:06.56--
95Jackson Vice10East Central High School26:10.84--
96eli grover12Hancock High School26:17.9963
97Shayne Re'9D'Iberville High School26:19.8964
98Andrew Anderson11Saint Martin High School26:24.8465
99Justin Bridges10George County High School26:37.51--
100Trey Noble9Ocean Springs High School26:38.82--
101Sage Aucion11D'Iberville High School26:45.14--
102Lowell Fountain11D'Iberville High School27:06.10--
103Doc Herrin12Pearl River Central High School27:12.38--
104Nathan Walters10East Central High School27:20.96--
105Tyler Shumock12Pascagoula High School27:22.0766
106Antonio Smith10Picayune High School27:22.4467
107Seth Whittington9Saint Martin High School27:28.2968
108Ethan Cook9D'Iberville High School27:36.74--
109Caleb Fillingim9George County High School27:44.40--
110Brayden Barrett7Saint Martin High School27:47.5169
111Quin Harrington10D'Iberville High School27:52.44--
112Benjamin Hutchinson10D'Iberville High School28:04.21--
113Bobby Carney10East Central High School28:10.12--
114Joseph Ridgdell9George County High School28:46.24--
115Jacob Henderson12Harrison Central HS28:48.6470
116Cameron Moore12Pascagoula High School29:15.7771
117Joshua Stewart7Saint Martin High School29:20.3372
118William Panni8Pascagoula High School29:30.4073
119Jose Martinez8Pascagoula High School29:31.2174
120Jacob Jones7Pascagoula High School29:58.22--
121Rhett White8Pearl River Central High School30:13.21--
122Derl Cole9Vancleave High School30:17.5175
123Chaisson Blaine9Picayune High School30:36.8976
124Samuel Perez11Pascagoula High School30:45.15--
125Ethan Crews9Picayune High School30:50.4777
126Thomas Waddell9Pascagoula High School31:24.05--
127Chase Rouse11George County High School31:30.58--
128Garrett Samson9Pearl River Central High School31:36.83--
129Allen Jackson12Picayune High School31:46.81--
130Justin Miller10Gautier High School31:59.4778
131Jaylin Jones10George County High School35:33.22--
132Lane Ryals14Picayune High School44:36.33--

Championship Meet - 26 Teams Team Scores

1Ocean Springs High School1913456--
2East Central High School7389131528--
3Pearl River Central High School109222262732--
4Hancock High School1522124303740--
5George County High School1571617363949--
6Vancleave High School1581431343841--
7Harrison Central HS1801823254470--
8D'Iberville High School1961220475859--
9Picayune High School223733546267--
10Gautier High School2481942525778--
11Saint Martin High School2682951556568--
12Pascagoula High School2754345506671--
--Saint Patrick High SchoolNTS