Can Lauren Green Lead Kossuth to a Team Title


Lauren Green, Kossuth should win the meet but in the team race it will be close. The virtual meet shows

New Site winning over Kossuth by just 3 points 28 to 31.

Championship Meet - 11 Teams

1Lauren Green9Kossuth High School20:40.031
2Hannah Campbell9New Site High School22:18.312
3Saydee Taylor9New Site High School22:44.753
4Emma Johnson9New Site High School23:04.004
5Ashlee Newman8Kossuth High School23:20.405
6Elizabeth Ingram12Kossuth High School23:24.736
7Morgan Hodum11Kossuth High School23:47.627
8Elyse Goodwin7Jumpertown High School24:06.708
9Madison Pharr12New Site High School24:22.689
10Ali Azlin10East Webster High School24:25.00--
11Ivy Loden9New Site High School24:27.0110
12Cayman Dye-williams11Strayhorn High School24:59.0011
13Grace Stanford12Kossuth High School25:42.0812
14Maddi Burks7Jumpertown High School25:43.0013
15Whitney Winter10East Webster High School26:08.49--
16Marlee George8Jumpertown High School26:35.9014
17Allysa Byram8Kossuth High School26:36.6715
18Emily Sparks8Belmont High School26:40.6416
19Makenzie Knight10Booneville High School26:55.00--
20Stacy Cox7Belmont High School27:08.5517
21Ellen Conley10New Site High School27:36.2318
22Jada Strange11Wheeler High School27:44.00--
23Stefany Gilleland11Belmont High School27:56.0019
24Josie Vess10Tishomingo County HS27:56.6120
25Katelyn Melson8Jumpertown High School27:58.4021
26Isabella Duncan8Kossuth High School28:08.7022
27Carolyn Meeks10Kossuth High School28:17.90--
28Grace Cole9New Site High School28:27.9623
29Marta Pernas Pedreira10New Site High School28:28.43--
30Autumn Campbell8Belmont High School29:02.3024
31Maddie Caldwell10Thrasher High School29:20.00--
32Jocelyn Aguirre9Belmont High School29:22.0025
33Cheyanna Johnson7Jumpertown High School29:41.7026
34AUTUMN ROBERSON12Wheeler High School29:56.80--
35Lynda Marlar9Strayhorn High School30:04.0027
36Bethany Baginski12Strayhorn High School30:15.0028
37Terin Beene12Baldwyn High School30:23.7529
38Elane Robbins10Baldwyn High School30:26.0030
39Becca Blaine9Strayhorn High School30:35.0031
40Angel Linton10Tishomingo County HS30:35.6532
41MeriGrace Gregg10East Webster High School30:54.67--
42Aleigha McDonald9Belmont High School31:26.2933
43Jessie Cardwell10Wheeler High School31:47.00--
44Lyndsey Cecil10Tishomingo County HS31:56.6434
45Kaede Carter7Jumpertown High School31:59.1035
46Allie Grissom11Baldwyn High School32:16.8036
47Selena Boyd10Strayhorn High School32:21.0037
48Cassidy Lowrey9Tishomingo County HS32:26.0038
49Anamary Aldridge12Strayhorn High School32:28.0039
50Paisley Floyd7Jumpertown High School32:44.2040
51Ambra Parker10Tishomingo County HS33:10.0041
52Jade Cagle12Baldwyn High School33:30.5042
53Amelia Webb9Tishomingo County HS34:27.0043
54LaEmbri McGaha9Baldwyn High School34:38.0044
55Jessica Searcy10Belmont High School35:45.4945
56Alexis Hale7Belmont High School37:10.18--
57Samantha Searcy10Belmont High School37:53.26--
58Chloee Page7Belmont High School43:12.90--
59Madison Bullock9Jumpertown High School44:42.00--
60Alex Morrow7Jumpertown High School45:27.10--

Championship Meet - 11 Teams Team Scores

1New Site High School28234910--
2Kossuth High School31156712--
3Jumpertown High School82813142126--
4Belmont High School1011617192425--
5Strayhorn High School1341127283137--
6Tishomingo County HS1652032343841--
7Baldwyn High School1812930364244--
--Booneville High SchoolNTS
--Thrasher High SchoolNTS
--East Webster High SchoolNTS
--Wheeler High SchoolNTS