Fast Times at Saint Martin


Not sure about East Central as they are scheduled at both MC Watson Ford and here. Times could be fast with some boys dipping under 17 minutes for the first time If East Central runs here the top three boys are very close in time. Adam Taylor, East Central and Mason Watkins, Picayune are virtually tied with Zach Deihl, East Central only two seconds back.

Championship Meet - 11 Teams

1Adam Taylor11East Central High School17:15.041
2Mason Watkins10Picayune High School17:15.142
3Zach Deihl12East Central High School17:17.383
4Christian Balcer9East Central High School17:56.604
5Mason Prince11D'Iberville High School18:18.845
6Matthew Collins10West Harrison High School18:33.636
7Adam Atigh9East Central High School18:47.347
8Carlin Taylor11West Harrison High School18:53.588
9Peyton Murphy10Harrison Central HS19:19.599
10Brockman (Ash) Bowen12D'Iberville High School19:20.5510
11Alex King12Harrison Central HS19:32.9611
12Angel Vela10D'Iberville High School19:34.1412
13Jacob Malley10Hancock High School19:51.3413
14Parker Quandt10West Harrison High School19:54.0314
15McGwire Griffin12West Harrison High School19:56.2115
16Preston Lee11East Central High School20:00.0416
17Michael Hight10West Harrison High School20:10.5417
18Laegan Mire-moran10West Harrison High School20:17.6318
19Seth Penton10Hancock High School20:23.7219
20Anthony Gonzales10West Harrison High School20:34.9620
21Tyler Quandt11West Harrison High School20:43.23--
22Mason Thompson12Saint Martin High School20:45.0621
23Stephen Ladner11Harrison Central HS20:46.6622
24Aaron Henson8West Harrison High School20:56.19--
25Terrell Jordan12Hancock High School21:01.4123
26Errol Kerne12Picayune High School21:01.4624
27Bryce Dronet12West Harrison High School21:03.93--
28Lane Brown12East Central High School21:05.0825
29Nathan Wilcox10West Harrison High School21:12.38--
30Kevin Hawes12Harrison Central HS21:20.6126
31Grayson Ard9East Central High School21:28.6627
32Scott Moore8East Central High School21:32.74--
33John Champagne12Hancock High School21:38.2428
34Logan Santiago11Poplarville High School21:42.27--
35Ashton Smith10D'Iberville High School21:51.5629
36Seth Santiago9Poplarville High School21:57.58--
37Jackson Vice10East Central High School22:00.63--
38Tristan White11West Harrison High School22:01.10--
39Ethan Harriel11Hancock High School22:11.0430
40dylon greenwood10Hancock High School22:25.7431
41Jon Gautreaux9D'Iberville High School22:32.6232
42Reid Loper9D'Iberville High School22:40.8133
43Michael Canulette10Picayune High School22:45.6034
44West Falks11East Central High School23:09.37--
X45Cj McClean11Saint Martin High School23:28.1235
46Sage Aucion11D'Iberville High School23:34.0836
47Benjamin Hutchinson10D'Iberville High School23:43.68--
48Nathan Walters10East Central High School23:53.71--
49Aaron Gonazles12West Harrison High School23:58.16--
50Charles Kilgore9Saint Martin High School24:07.1337
51Cameron Matheny12D'Iberville High School24:09.02--
52Lowell Fountain11D'Iberville High School24:25.12--
53Logan Price9Poplarville High School24:26.39--
54Connor Claffey9East Central High School24:29.23--
55Graham Smith10D'Iberville High School24:30.63--
56Kashawn Scott9Picayune High School24:45.4738
57Dalton Anderson9Saint Martin High School24:46.0839
58Jack Claffey11East Central High School24:46.44--
59Jacob Hooper11West Harrison High School24:50.15--
60Mason Anderson10Saint Martin High School25:07.8240
61Quin Harrington10D'Iberville High School25:11.22--
62Clifford Hooper11West Harrison High School25:43.26--
63Ethan Cook9D'Iberville High School26:14.29--
64eli grover12Hancock High School26:17.9941
65Shayne Re'9D'Iberville High School26:19.89--
66Myles Gauthier8West Harrison High School26:23.94--
67Andrew Anderson11Saint Martin High School26:24.8442
68Brayden Barrett7Saint Martin High School26:27.5443
69Ethan Crews9Picayune High School26:33.0044
70Ronald Myers10Resurrection Catholic HS26:44.67--
71Seth Whittington9Saint Martin High School26:50.89--
72Joshua Carter11Saint Martin High School26:53.85--
73Antonio Smith10Picayune High School27:22.4445
74Bobby Carney10East Central High School27:26.35--
75Jacob Henderson12Harrison Central HS28:12.7346
76ryan westbrook10Hancock High School28:19.47--
77mark konopacki11Hancock High School28:28.74--
78Joshua Stewart7Saint Martin High School29:20.33--
79Edwin Barajas9Picayune High School29:34.6747
80Chaisson Blaine9Picayune High School30:36.89--
81Allen Jackson12Picayune High School30:37.51--
82Angel Navarro10Hancock High School31:33.60--
83Om Patel9Picayune High School31:38.18--
84Lane Ryals14Picayune High School41:13.35--

Championship Meet - 11 Teams Team Scores

1East Central High School31134716--
2West Harrison High School6068141517--
3D'Iberville High School88510122932--
4Hancock High School1131319232830--
5Harrison Central HS114911222646--
6Picayune High School142224343844--
7Saint Martin High School1722135373940--
--Resurrection Catholic HSNTS
--Poplarville High SchoolNTS